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Social networking websites are the easiest as well as quickest means for connecting anyone across the globe. It may be useful for many firms because it can capture interest of many. It can make you reach all such people who are important and can be proved most important for any businesses. Companies can focus certain activities on Facebook so that specific goals of their firm can be achieved.

Use Facebook for creating hub-

Your presence on Facebook page can make you

  1. Discoverable– People using Facebook for any reason will be able to identify your company and its offered products or services.
  2. Timely– Large group of people can easily and quickly reach to your page. Messages which are focused on special needs, requirements and interest of people can be noticed by web users.
  3. Connection– It is essential for the company to offer products that suits customer requirements and their needs. This can be made possible to 1 to1 conversation only. An individual can post comments, pictures and personal reviews about the product or service. Others can read as well as share such promotional content for your company.
  4. Insightful- Customer’s expectations and essential marketing activities can be well understood through page analytics.

Whenever a web page is being designed for a firm it can be requested as “facebook.com/xyzcompany”. This kind of address is easily recognizable. In order to maximize its impact you can include such web address on company’s web portal, business card and on marketing materials.

Web page of a company is a business extension. It is the simplest way to update and shares anything with people who are important for your business. It helps in engaging your targeted customers on mobile phones and on desktops.

It is often seen that there is tremendous increase in sale and profit of firm through Facebook business. Social networking websites not only help you to connect to more number of peoples but it also target specific people who can be listed in the category of potential customers as well.


  1. Common views and perceptions of ideal customers.
  2. Customers existing time and their life style.
  3. Will your business prove be of any help to them.
  4. Will they be interested in special offers, specific message, services or product?

Audience can be increased through enabling certain features on company’s web page-

Sharing page– Enable such function so that people can share your page with others.

Inviting friends– Allow people to invite their friends and colleges to join the respective web page.

Inviting business contacts- Invite other business partners and your contacts to join your web page.

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